10 William Shakespeare's Best Life Quotes

William Shakespeare was an English playwright, poet, and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. He was Born: April 1564, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Died: 23 April 1616, Stratford-upon-Avon, He was often called England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

William Shakespeare

He wrote great books and plays such as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello, A Midsummer Night Dre, The tempest, King Lear, Twelfth Night, and more great playwrights.

Furthermore, he wrote comedies, tragedies, and histories- 37 plays total, however, he was not just a play writer, he also used his poetry and write-ups to change many people's lives. Three of my favorite books that had a great impact on me were Macbeth quotes: "Fair is foul, and foul is fair." "If you can look into the seeds of time". "What bloody man is that? "Sleep shall neither night nor day, "If you can look into the seeds of time. And say which grain will grow and which will not." Another Shakespeare playwright Hamlet; “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ...“This above all: to thine own self be true, ...“To be, or not to be: that is the question: ...“To die, to sleep - ...“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” and of course Romeo and Juliet; My bounty is as boundless as the sea, ...“Don't waste your love on somebody, who doesn't value it.” ...“thus with a kiss I die” ...“Good night, good night! ...“Did my heart love till now? ...“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” etc ...... He was also a life coach who was true to himself and true to his playwright and audience. A true England's national poet and the "Bard of Avon".

Here are 10 best William Shakespeare life quotes

  1. It is not in the stress to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

  2. Be great in act, as you have been in thought

  3. Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win by learning to attempt

  4. There is nothing either GOOD or BAD, but thinking makes it so

  5. Most of the things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept trying

  6. Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.

  7. Expectation is the root of all heartache.

  8. If we are true to ourselves, we cannot be false to anyone.

  9. Words are easy, like the wind; faithful friends are head to find.

  10. The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.

William Shakespeare monument

Wonderful Life quote never to forget From Shakespeare's Macbeth

What Shakespeare said about life:

  1. "Present fears Are less than horrible imaginings." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.3

  2. "Nothing is But what is not." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.3

  3. "If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1. "Come what come may, Time and the hour runs through the roughest day." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.3

  4. "Nothing in his life Became him like the leaving it; he died As one that had been studied in his death To throw away the dearest thing he owed, As 't were a careless trifle." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.4

  5. "There's no art To find the mind's construction in the face." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.4

  6. "More is thy due than more than all can pay." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.4

  7. "Yet do I fear thy nature; It is too full o' the milk of human kindness." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.5

  8. "What thou wouldst highly, That wouldst thou holily; wouldst not play false, And yet wouldst wrongly win." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.5

  9. "Come, you spirits That tend on mortal thoughts! unsex me here, And fill me from the crown to the toe top full Of direst cruelty; make thick my blood, Stop up the access and passage to remorse, That no compunctious visitings of nature Shake my fell purpose." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.5

  10. "Come to my woman's breasts, And take my milk for gall, you murdering ministers." - William Shakespeare, Macbeth, 1.5

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them - William Shakespeare

Furthermore, that is one of my best quotes of all time!

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