The 5 Important Piece of Advice For Students Interested In Setting Up A Business Venture.

As a result, preparing for running or working at a startup college-educated entrepreneurs most of your time on campus explain how Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and other many entrepreneurs have proved getting just a college degree or not is certainly not a requirement for running a successful business.

Don't get me wrong college, (Graduate school) plays an important role in the way of many founders, Netflix's Reed Hastings and googles Larry Page come to mind.

Attending a school with strong business or entrepreneurship programs is or can be an "enormous potential plus" for a would-be or inspiring entrepreneurs - Paul Horns chairman of New York University's Entrepreneurial Institute.

5 Important Pieces of Advice for Students Interested in Setting up a Business Venture.

1, Place yourself out there

Networking events and random connections can be the unpredictable trigger for great innovation or ideas.

Therefore, trying putting yourself where the magic might or can happen is the No 1 advice for an inspiring college entrepreneur.

2, Taking advantage of school's entrepreneurship centres

The biggest problem that student entrepreneur face starting out is the lack of connection and resources to get their ideas off the ground.

Most university-run entrepreneurship centres which can help you find funding and like-minded people that you can discuss your vision, as well as your business advisers and alumni that can offer guidance to make them reality.

"Don't be shy about placing yourself and seeing who holds that connection"- Starr Marrcello

3, Apprentice at a startup

Working for a startup you like can not only help you learn and understand what it is like to run an emerging company instantly, it can also help you forge invaluable professional connections for cost.

Summer interning can help students a lot, because trying to do creative and innovate things in your summer holidays, you never know when that useful idea can come.

4, Learning how customers anticipate and think

The important key to success is, understanding and learning what appeals to your customers no-matter the kind of business you eventually start.

Therefore, start learning now by taking practical courses that requires you developing and testing your products.

Contact us for #support, #advice and #help.

5, Do something entrepreneurial, even if it is on a small scale.

Before, applying the techniques to your own ideas, learning how to run a venture with an established business model can be very useful.

Start with something that works for others, like T-shirt printing operation or cap printing operation, or even laundry services in your dorm room can give you that challenging experience you need of running your own operation and venture that you truly passionate about.

In conclusion, since this advice has been helpful to lots of people you know like Mark #Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Google's Larry Page, Netflix's Reed Hastings Starr Marrcello etc. Therefore, it is important to know that putting yourself out there and getting the right connection is every important in a startup venture.

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