What Are The 7 Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep Breathing Exercise Benefits & Techniques For Stress Relief

Deep breathing exercise which my best technique is the yoga deep breathing exercise, taking a deep breath in and letting it out after 1-2 mins.

You breathe gets power and ease stress and make you feel less anxious and clears your throat.

Before, we go into the benefits, we need to keep some few tips in mind:

#1 Choose a place quite to do your breathing exercise, it could a corner in your living room, bedroom. Usually get a yoga mat and just put it on the floor, play a mediation vibration sound or music which you can easily get on #YouTube, #itunes etc.

#2 Try not to force it, because it can make you more stressed and try doing it once or twice a day.

#3 Remember to wear comfortable clothes so it will be easier for you to breathe in and breathe out.

7 Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercises

#1 It helps improve your memory power and keeps you in conscious mode all day.

#2 Keeps and prevent throat infection and keeps you away from heart diseases.

#3 it helps improve your eyesight

#4 Quick weight loss and helps reduces belly fat.

#5 Balances the sugar level in your body.

#6 Boost your heart beat, cleans the sound. Pipe and cure thyroid which reduces snoring.

#7 helps to strengthen your lungs and reduces the risk of asthma.

Many breathing exercises just takes few minutes, you can always do it for 10 mins or more to get more even greater benefits.

Remember you can do it by standing up, sitting in a chair that will support you back, or lying down in your bed or my favourite which is yoga mat on the floor.

Make sure you are comfortable doing it and nothing is restricting your breath, you also need to inhale your breath for 1- 2 mins and then exhale slowly.

Tips doing your breathing exercise under or close tress, flowers or plants in your home is another trick because remember plants give off oxygen at night so probably doing your deep exercise at night is better option for greater result. We humans need oxygen to function, stay healthy and happy.

Few plants that give off oxygen at night, they take carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

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