What Are The 7 Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep Breathing Exercise Benefits & Techniques For Stress Relief

What Are The 7 Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep breathing exercise which my best technique is the yoga deep breathing exercise, taking a deep breath in and letting it out after 1-2 mins.

Your breath gets power and eases stress while making you feel less anxious with a clearer throat.

Before we go into the benefits, we need to keep a few tips in mind:

#1 Choose a place quiet to do your breathing exercise, it could a corner in your living room, bedroom. Usually, get a yoga mat and just put it on the floor, play a mediation vibration sound or music which you can easily get on #YouTube, #itunes, etc.

#2 Try not to force it because it can make you more stressed, and try doing it once or twice a day.

#3 Remember to wear comfortable clothes, so it will be easier for you to breathe in and breathe out.

7 Benefits Of Deep Breathing Exercises

#1 It helps improve your memory power and keeps you in conscious mode all day.

#2 Keeps and prevents throat infection and keeps you away from heart diseases.

#3 it helps improve your eyesight

#4 Quick weight loss and helps reduce belly fat.

#5 Balances the sugar level in your body.

#6 Boost your heartbeat, cleans the sound. Pipe and cure thyroid which reduces snoring.

#7 helps to strengthen your lungs and reduces the risk of asthma.

Many breathing exercises just take a few minutes, you can always do it for 10 mins or more to get more even greater benefits.

Remember you can do it by standing up, sitting in a chair that will support your back, or lying down in your bed or my favourite which is a yoga mat on the floor.