Untold 7 Easy Tips And Tricks TO Create Healthy Meals

Each meal in your healthy eating lifestyle is a foundation block, and it is your core source of energy.

  • You must include in your meals whole grains 

At least half of your foods should include whole grains. Check on the food label for the words "100% whole grain" or "100% whole wheat." Whole grains have more nutrients such as fiber instead of refined grains. My take on this for the best result is to include whole-grain on your meals for breakfast and dinner.

  • You Include lean protein

For best result go for protein foods like fish, chicken, pork, duck, or turkey, as well as beans, tofu, eggs. Make seafood the main protein of your dish twice a week.

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  • Half your bowl must include fruits and veggies

There are plenty of nutrients in vegetables and fruit that support good health. Pick fruit and vegetables such as bananas, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, red, orange, and dark-green. I usually go for broccoli and dark-green veggies, but it depends on the fruits or veggies you like. List of veggies and fruits from A-Z Half your plate

fruits and veggies

  • Make sure that you control your food and in the kitchen, get creative!

Eat more frequently at home, so you know exactly what you eat. If you eat out, check the nutrition information and compare it. Choose low calorie, saturated fat, and sodium options.

If you're making a stir-fry, a soup, or sandwich, you'll find ways to make it healthier. Aim to use less meat and cheese, which can be higher in saturated fat and sodium, and add new flavours and textures to your meals in more veggies.