What Are The Causes of Kidney Pain?

What You Need to Know About Renal Pain also known as #Kidney Pain.

Renal pain also known as kidney pain, caused by impairment, injury or infection of the kidney.

Kidney is a pair of bean-shaped organs placed on either sides of the spine which are responsible for filtering blood and maintaining electrolytes and correction of balance of fluids in the body.

Most times the pain can be described as dull, sharp or severe depending on the real cause.

If one of your kidney gets affected or if both kidney are affected, this may give you a clue whether the problem is the kidneys, related to an organ, above the kidney or related to obstruction or disorder below the kidneys.

Most causes of kidney pain are immeasurable and can be largely characterized as either a trauma, infection, obstruction or growth.

Kidney infection also known as Phelonephritis symptoms are :

1, Having high fever

2, Sudden body chills

3, been confused most times

4, getting tired easily (fatigue)

5, Pain or burning urination

6, Blood inside your urine

7, wanting to urinate frequently

8, Vomiting and nausea

Remember pyelonephritis can be chronic too and symptoms may be less intensive in few cases.

If the pain is intensive, gets worse or is related by urinary symptoms or sign of infections, please see the doctor immediately.

The problem is we have feelings that something is wrong with our body, but we just ignore it or don't have the time to visit our General practitioner or doctor, or we just cannot be bothered. There is always signs about the condition of our body so pay attention before it is too late!

"Health is wealth"

Delay what you're doing and take care of yourself it is very important!

Please visit www.verywellhealth.com for more information about causes of kidney pain.

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