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How To Make Money Online With Cryptocurrency In 2021 (BEGINNER AND EXPERT GUIDE)

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is digital money that is stored online and can be transferred from one person (the owner) to another under a fast and secure system without the control of any central authority.

However, the system is sometimes called peer-to-peer just like when you share files on the now popular Xender or FileShare.

Examples of cryptocurrency are Bitcoin(BTC) by Satoshi, a Russian; Bitcoin Cash (BCH); Euthereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). You can learn more about what is cryptocurrency.

Can I Still Make Using Cryptocurrency in 2021?

The Cryptocurrency business is highly lucrative but at the same time risky.

Nevertheless, with good business insight, clear foresight, you will be able to see how much you want to make, and you can make what you had as an insight.

Your Prospects of High Return in Cryptocurrency in 2021


Infant cryptocurrency is fast gaining momentum in its usage and profitability.

It is a "cashless cash ideology"-----VisionBoy, Nigerian political blogger, naijacountryman.com.ng

Further, many businesses are now accepting cash in Cryptocurrency from Africa to Europe to America. In Nigeria, where I live, there are kiosks or what you might know as stands where one can buy and sell bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency is like shares, but you have no papers, only digital ones! Don't worry it is safe and secure, you can't lose your bitcoins because you and your receiver have to confirm before that transaction enters the blockchain- a ledger that records confirmed transactions.

Again, cryptocurrency isn't controlled by anyone it is the effects of demand and supply that determine its price.

Furthermore, you will be given a public key and a private key for transactions.

Before Bitcoins became popular it was very cheap around 2008, but now its price is high and growing, those who bought as at them and are selling now are making good profits. So don't wait, make a good move you can make, and take a good step you can take!

Expert Tools You Need For Successful Cryptocurrency Trading and Profit-Making in 2021

Making money online using Bitcoins

  1. A Binary Wallet: This is just a digital purse/wallet where your bitcoins will be stored and from which you can payout. There are many wallet services available, you can use: Coinbase you will get £10 (Pounds) Bitcoins or you can use Luno

  2. A Bank Account/Payment Account: This where you can cash out your bitcoins and buy more bitcoins from. You can use your local bank with a debit card/credit card, or you can use other payment services such as PayPal, Payoneer, Vogue Pay, etc.

  3. Internet-enabled device: Monitor the markets via your phone or tablet or personal computer such as a laptop to stay aware of the latest news in the "binary" or cryptocurrency market.


Life coach writers can get you started on how to make money online using cryptocurrency in 2021. Feel free to contact us.

Don't keep your money, invest your money-------VisionBoy

Note: Some links contain affiliate promotion, using it will let you and the affiliate marketer get free bitcoins at no extra cost to you.

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