Difference between : Health and wellness

Health and Wellness certainly have a difference between them, when it comes to their inner meaning.

It is an important factor to understand because #health and #wellness are two terms that often substitute each other and people find it hard to differentiate.

Health is a noun while the noun wellness is indeed a derivative of the adverb well. The word well is used as an adverb, adjective as well as an exclamation.

What is the meaning of health?

Health initially means the absence of disease but after a while health's meaning slightly changed to a good state of mind as well.

Therefore, health definitely comes first before the physical well-being of a person. You have to be mentally sound also to be called a healthy person. Health relates or aims at various #treatment of #diseases. Disease prevention, vaccines, mental health, and cure, etc all fall into the category of health. therefore, it is clear that if you don't have a good state of mind you are regarded as been unhealthy also.

What is the meaning of wellness?

It simply means a state of living a healthy lifestyle, so the reverse is not living a healthy lifestyle. Wellness doesn't aim at the treatment of diseases. The reason why is that wellness only deals with the well-being and lifestyle of people, So fitness, working out, sports, yoga or any kind of mediation, etc fall into the category of wellness.

Health composes of keeping your body free of diseases while wellness aims at the general well-being of a person. Making sure we are healthy and well is good for growth and development & empowerment. If we are healthy and well our minds will work better, and we will be able to function much better and keep a positive attitude and mindset.

Therefore, We will also be able to learn, share our thoughts and creativity with others. Hope we all stay healthy and well, so we can become more happy and positive in life.

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