The Reason Why Employers Look For The Green Ones And Overlook The Red Flags!

It's difficult to bring new talent on board. After all, you wager time and money in the expectation that once properly trained, a new employee will be delivering a return on investment. It is fraught territory to determine which candidate is the safest bet, often leading employers to pay special attention to "red flags" for fear of a dud pick. Due to this, much attention on the negative can cause the ability to overlook potential attributes — the "green flags" — result in a recruit that's all right, but not outstanding. But the exceptional talent of your business NEEDS.

The Reason Why Employers Look For The Green Ones And Overlook The Red Flags!

Here is a list of positive qualities for next time you conduct interviews that you want to look out for:

  • Preparation

This is not the same as experiencing it. Prepared candidates will be able to explain how they fit perfectly into this new position until the interview. They're going to have examples on hand and know their value. Just inquire about the target wage, as an applicant who has done his homework with a clear idea of what they intend to earn.

  • Loads of Experience

This one goes without saying, but if we didn't stress the importance of experience, we would be disqualified. A hire that can dive headlong into the fray saves time, money, and relieves the burden that other employees carry as the new member of the team is oriented towards their #task. But just having a lot of experience — and this is important — is not enough of a green flag to deny a lack of "hum"

  • Strong work ethics and positive attitude

Often goes hand in hand with these two attributes. An employee who brings happiness to their job is more likely to see it to the end. Moreover, #enthusiasm is infectious, and having someone on board who loves what they do is going to inspire similar feelings in others. Don't miss the opportunity to hire someone who will not only do their job well but also inspire others.

  • Good communication skills, pay special attention to the ability of an applicant to speak and write in an interview, as these abilities carry increased value and results. An employee who can defend himself clearly is one who brings productivity and integrity to his job. Therefore, strong communication skills also turn into effective team building, as everyone works more effectively when they know the role they play.

Loyalty is the Reason Why Employers Look For The Green