The True Meaning Of Prayer And Meditation And Why It Is The Solution To Your challenges And Problems

Prayer and meditation is relatively the same, hence, an intense prayer most likely will not be able to take place without entering a mediation mood and right environment.

Every human must reach the highest of infinite intelligence, prayer and meditation is the source.

It is true simple prayer is most likely used by religious followers than meditation. It can be the difference between a spiritual person and a religious person.

Spiritual people prepare themselves for the influence and control of their "inner self" in order to hand over their desire when they are meditating.

Intense prayer and mediation need the seven positive emotions - Napoleon HILL

  • The emotion of desire

  • The emotion of love

  • The emotion of sex

  • The emotion of faith

  • The emotion of enthusiasm

  • The emotion of romance

  • The emotion of hope

These seven powerful emotions will help you before you go into intense prayer or mediation, very importance and useful in creative effort.

Emotions you must avoid before and during your intense prayer and mediation

  • The emotion of fear and doubt

  • The emotion of hatred

  • The emotion of revenge

  • The emotion of jealousy

  • The emotion of greed

  • the emotion of Anger

  • the emotion of superstition

If you go into prayer or mediation because it is your last resort after everything as failed, you likely to have one or more of those negative emotion while you pray or mediate and your practise might just go in vain.