The secret of What are the Stages of Growth and Its Benefits

Growth is not competition all the time, it is focusing on yourself without looking at what others are doing wrong, learn and giving a helping hand. We should stop criticism because it doesn't help our growth.

"Keep focused, stay positive, and keep growing".

Growth in development is the occurring Increase in individual skills (abilities) speaking, learning, and the way they interact and relate to other people.

Life Coaching stages of #growth are :

Personal Power: How do I prove or set up myself in this world?

Belonging: where am I relevant or where do I fit in?

#Awareness of self: Why do I need to have a deep self-awareness?

#What is my life mission? And what is my purpose in life?

Self-perception of yourself: can I be able to express myself? And can I accept my subsequent passes?

Am I growing in #maturity? And have I developed mentally and spiritually?

Am I patient enough? And able to deal with a situation with the Right attitude now?

You need to ask yourself all these questions in your mind and start working towards a positive and well-defined life and then you are on the right path to growth.

#Self- evaluation is important in #growth. Hopefully, we all succeed and keep growing and get all the help we need to go through the stages of growth and becoming a better person.

Wish you all the best in your journey becoming a better person and getting all help you need, refer to the books App section "amazing books on body and mind must read"

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