What Are the benefits of Exercise?

The benefits of exercise and why you need to keep exercising

Exercise is important to everyday lives, it's important because exercise increase energy levels, exercise improves muscle strength, exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight,

Exercise is also good for your heart and regular exercise lowers your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, exercise enhances your immune system, exercise may help to reduce the risk of certain cancers and active people sleep better and improve mood.

Keep exercising, keep healthy and watch what you eat. A friend told me 70 % is the kitchen and 30 % is exercise.

Exercise is key and important when it comes to our well-being and health, experts say that exercise helps the brain functioning better and the feeling good factor.

Please keep exercising and remember you can also do exercise at home or indoors too, the act of moving your body and feeling that heartbeat is good, at least 25 mins of workout every day is good either in the #gym, home, indoors or outdoors.

Practicing #yoga and #mediation, the act of a deep breath which is the act of inhaling and exhaling is very important to our health and wellness which is a form of exercise too.

"Keep exercising and keep that body moving we never too old or young to exercise and we can exercise in different ways beyond your imagination as long as you moving your body and feeling that heartbeat rate.

Two forms of #exercise I take seriously are dancing and the act of #inhaling and #exhaling, However, we got what kind of exercise works for us but try it and see the differences in your life and also keep a good diet. Follow us on social media and Amazon

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