Have you heard? Why You Weren't born to Have A Job is your best bet!

The blog is not a criticism for those working in companies. Nor is it one of those blogs that explains how great an entrepreneur's life is.

It's just my perspective and how I look at things.

I keep thinking a lot about it. In my career. For as long as I can remember, I thought about how life should be in a wider sense

Therefore, I ask myself why weren't you born to have a Job?

My answer was that because no one was born to be an employee!

That seems unreal and not logical, right? Or you may have learned from your parents, uncles, teachers, or friends that there is no work that can be enjoyable. It's boring and hard-working, and that's how things work.

Can we support living in a system that requires 8 hours of your day in a position you don't like, with people you don't like, doing things you don't like, making some bucks to survive? And these few bucks are not enough for your basic needs in most situations.

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As a result of Isolating ourselves. We have been growing apart from each other. We gave up our dreams. The desire to succeed is gone.  We just look for job security,  We accepted things like this. That is survival and life.

Nowadays becoming an entrepreneur is as ridiculous as having a job but yet having the feeling you own a business, and you can work anytime, anywhere or any place in the world is joyful and exciting!

People should come together to do what they are passionate about, good in or at. And just get it started!

"The word for me "Do what you are born to do not just what you love"

So, what's the answer? If we weren't born to be employees and becoming an entrepreneur is daunting, what are we left with?

Knowing it's so hard to become an entrepreneur. Going alone on a quest against everything and everyone is daunting. Even with one or two partners, it's daunting.

Or working on a single activity for 8 hours a day does not make sense.

Either way, it is a thing you need to think about and decide which path you want to follow.

  • My opinion is that everybody wants a better life. And we need to look for that. We need to build that.

  • Passion, consistency, belief, and desire is all you need, and you cannot really have these qualities if you are not born to do that job or business. Everyone is born for a purpose in life and until then you will never find happiness in any work you're doing!

  • Follow your dream, your purpose in life, it might take years and years to achieve. Keep searching your heart for answers and asking yourself questions.

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