How Cell Phones Kill Interactions Face To Face

There is a unique quality of face-to-face interaction, whether you are dating someone, interviewing someone, or just meeting someone for the first time.

You catch the subtle tone in their voice, see their expression as it shifts from sad to outrage, and see if you trust them in the eye.

How Cell Phones  Kill Interactions Face To Face

❗So, it is quite unfortunate that real-life interactions are on the outset as cell phone discussion, text messages, immediate messaging, and Facebook messages are beginning to take more of our time and separate us from family and friends.

Especially for young people when wandering, in the streets, having a cell phone in their hands and prepared is the default mode. That implies much less opportunity of talking to the people who care and occupy their real life.

The unspoken subtext of checking text messages in front of friends or family is: I am more concerned about someone else than you" I want to understand what they have to say more than what you have to say to me now!

The concept of being present at the time is disappearing quicker than you can say. Hey, I have to take this call"

Is your smartphone hurting your interaction with others?

smartphone hurting your interaction

"Killing time they say kills the moment" I am not anti-techology, of course, and I am just like the next gadget freak in search of the new iPhone or android phone.

We do often joke about techno habit and how difficult it is to break, but when it becomes true, the joke gets old.

Then it struck me: it is similar to what psychologists call a dissociative disorder to be constantly linked to gadgets. Dissociation usually means not being linked and in its extreme form is the hallmark of real mental illness. I wonder if we all become mentally sick by getting in and out of the way!

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Others are quick to counter that technology has actually made us more connected to people rather than just disconnected from our present situation. While a bit of