• Lohla Ashamu

How To Earn More Than Your Spouse Can Spend

There will be a hundred people like Bill Gates and hugely successful companies like Microsoft created every year, all over the world. And there also will be many more bankruptcies, lay-offs, and downsizing.

So why bother taking charge of your financial status? Why bother learning how to be in control of your sources of income?

How To Earn More Than Your Spouse Can Spend

NO one can answer that but you.

Yet, I can tell you why I do it myself. I do it because the one who is in control of how much you earn and your sources of income.

However, if you look closely this is the most exciting time to be alive. It is all about Change in Era.......

I'd rather be welcoming change than dreading change. I'd rather be excited about making millions than worrying about not getting a raise or a promotion.

This period we are in now is the most exciting time, unprecedented in our world's history.

Generations from now, people will look back at this period of time and remark at what an exciting era it must have been. It was the death of the old and the birth of the new. It was full of turmoil, and now it is exciting.....

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Many will sink due to sticking to old ways and refusing to learn what works in this era... While many new Bill Gates, many Alinkos will also emerge. You can decide what you want. Be alive learning new ways to create wealth...or stick with old ways of jobs and salary. It is a choice, not a chance.

How To Earn More Than Your Spouse Can Spend

Decision and not condition determine your situation</