How to Not Lose Yourself in Love

Many people think that loving is all about sacrifice, pain, and suffering just to make the other person stay. While it’s nice to do something for the person you love to make them happy, you must never forget yourself.

Love is the reason for many things that exist today because it does not only apply to relationships or another person.

They say that #love is patient and kind, but that is only the cause of love. Love is a decision to choose someone every single day. However, people sometimes make the wrong decision to keep loving someone even if it is no longer healthy for them.

Love is supposed to be the reason why you are excited about life and feel inspired. If you are currently looking for answers on how to love with passion without losing yourself, take note of these:

Always Trust Your Gut

When you are still dating someone, and you already see signs that make you unsure about them, you are most probably right.

This person might give you butterflies in your stomach even if they are not right for you. If your gut is telling you to stop seeing this person, you must. Those red flags will be the reasons why you will be unhappy in the #relationship when the honeymoon stage is over.

Do Not Depend on Them for Happiness

Even if you are in a relationship, you should still be your own person and do things that make you happy that does not involve them. For instance, a hobby that you only enjoy with your friends.

If you want to buy something for yourself as a reward because you have been working hard, do it. Whether it is a cheap or expensive item, if it symbolizes your hard work, do not stop yourself.

At least if you break up, you still have your individuality. You do not have to do everything together, but it is nice to also do most things together. This way, you can avoid being co-dependent which can be a problem. Hence, doing most things together can make a relationship harmonious and beautiful.

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Be Clear About Your Boundaries

When you enter a relationship, you must make it clear to the other person what is okay and what is not but must also be willing to compromise when needed. You cannot be right all the time, so listen and reach an agreement with each other. If they do not respect your boundaries, this is a very good reason to leave them no matter how much you love them.

They will lose #respect for you and they think you can give up anything for them. Never make your partner feel they can control you like a puppet. Therefore, you must never make too many sacrifices if they are not doing the same for you.

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If They Want to Leave, Do Not Stop Them

The chances of a relationship surviving after the other person begged them to stay are very slim. It may last a few days or months, but it will eventually end. If you think that begging is the right way to keep a relationship, you are not doing yourself or the other person any good. They want freedom, and you need someone who wants to stay not because of pity or you begged them.

No one is worth your sanity because the right person will not let you lose yourself for them. Once you do, everything else in your life could fall apart.

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