How TO Plan your own home-school Schedule you never knew

Home-schooling Is One of The Best Educational System especially in this challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic

Home school is good because it gives parents more control over what their children learn and experience. There is a strong perception among many homeschooling parents that the public school curriculum does not have the right information and skills for children.

Home school benefits are :

  • Academic flexibility

  • focus on life skills

  • Choice of pace and approach for parents

  • Warm and familiar environment

  • The current needs are meet

  • Warm family environment

  • Successful and productive learning

  • Community involvement

  • Choose what works for your child or children

  • Preparing for a vocation or entrepreneurship

  • Ability to be able to use the internet productively. The use of PowerPoint, Word, Notepad, WordPad, Office XML Handler Adobe Acrobat Reader DC etc

All these benefits of homeschooling pave the way for a successful entrepreneur and ability to be able to think and create in any environment.

Other Homeschooling Schedules you can follow

  • Mediate before you leave the bed in the morning either in form of prayer or yoga

  • Learning how to make simple decent tea or coffee - Home care

  • How you can operate the washing machine, irons, hover and appliances - Engineering

  • Help carry the rubbish/cycling out of the bin

  • Learn how to clean your room and disinfect your bathroom

  • How to wash the dishes and cook

  • How to help your parents and adapt to your environment

  • Learning how to do things on your own

Do you have any additional ideas?

The children benefit from homeschooling, since family bond is good for the child's mental growth and development. The result is a harmonious home and a clear purpose for both parents and children.

What are your homeschooling plans?

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