Why not just adopt if you are infertile? It might just be the best and only option.

Short story about Jen and Mike and how they overcame the issue of infertility.

Adoption Is not an infertility treatment but "cure" for Childlessness

Therefore, For some, the next step is an easy and logical move towards adoption. It's not for anyone.

Many people want the next generation to see their genes; they want to be pregnant and breastfeeding; they want some degree of control over the intrauterine environment and genetic makeup of their infant. Parenthood is more than just parenting for them.

As someone who chose adoption even though they/we are not infertile, I can more than testify to the fact that adoption is a great way to create a family— no, really a phenomenal way— but not for everyone.

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That's not fair to the infertile, and it is certainly not fair to the prospective adopted child.

A story about Jen who was diagnosed of infertility at the age of 18 years and hers was critical, after few years after college.

She decided to get married, but she was so sad and unhappy because she knows she cannot have kids and was scared to tell her fancy about it.

After lots of counselling and advice she decided to think of adoption after she gets married, but then she has to tell her fancy mike first.

Her relationship was considered an interracial one since mike was black. She was scared, how will he feel? Because of his cultural difference and background. Mike culture forbids adoption which made it difficult for her to tell him about her condition, and yet she loved him so dearly. She asked herself what should or can she do? Her mind with wild, will she just tell him or leave the relationship? Or they just go for counselling together but either way he has to tell him.

Jen decided to tell him, but he surprisingly didn't react much, and they agreed to adopt when they get married since Mike understood it wasn't her fault and it can happen to anybody (understanding is key).

The problem they might encounter is Mike's parents and other family member because of his culture forbids adoption. Either way they went along and got married.

Would you go along with the marriage?

After, 2 years of no child, things hit up and Mike's parents start to ask question since Mike didn't tell his parents about Jens infertility. Now he had no option than to tell his parents but surprising one of the parents (dad) agreed but the other(Mum) didn't agree.

Again either way they adopted a child (Larry) and made sure he was mix race, at least it will not look so obvious.

After years, Larry grew up to become a handsome, brilliant and responsible child, even Mike's mum loved him so much that she forgot about that he was adopted.

The joy of a family does matter if the child is biologically yours or not but how you bring the child up that matters and if parental duties are played properly.

But all this last paragraph doesn't matter to your original LOVE issue. I hope I addressed that. The response to what you are supposed to do-follow your heart!

Even tiny babies can come to you traumatized before they are even born when they are struggling to form strong attachments, as you can tell from my story you will see it is possible it goes well as planned.

If you considered "Adoption" it is your choice not anyone else after all, society will always talk and question your action, so why not do what is best for you instead of what the society always expect and wants you to do- that’s a great idea!

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So if you were Jen and Mike will you adopt? Or will you just remain motherless or fatherless all the rest of your life?

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