Enlightenment: The Farmer, Gardener And The Farm

Inspirational Enlightenment: The Farmer, Farm And The Gardener  #inspiraitonal #motivational #enlightenment

A man is the master gardener of his life and the author of his environment, the editor and reader of his destiny.

A man can be compared to a gardener who plants a seed, hence he can just wait for it to grow improperly in bad soil or puts in an effort for it to grow properly in good soil.

The preparation of the farmer matters a lot, the soil is one of the most important things of a farmer. Without good soil, the farmer might just end up with a bad harvest. The soil doesn't care what you plant in it, the same way your mind doesn't care what you think about it acts on your own command. "You become what you think about" - Earl Nightingale, words I recognize and keep in my thoughts day and night.

Let me explain, if you grow corn you will expect corn right? But then the corn can either come out bad or good which depends on you, if you sow poison you get back poison in return, What you sow is what you harvest "Cause and effect"....

Behind every man's downfall is a cause, nothing ever happens to a man without him trying to reap where he didn't sow. It is greed for profit.

Getting without giving is greed. The hands that give will always gather.

The farmer that grows the corn needs constant checking and removal of weeds and protection from pest, the farmer always needs to water the corn seeds and check the growth of his corn and protect it in any way he can from pest "consistency is the word".

"Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reaped"

Hmm, months ago I went to an important event which I rarely go to but felt I had to go for this charity event.

I guess this time my thoughts didn't go wild but was focused on getting sometime useful done apart from just writing.

As the event went on and on I felt good about the speaker and was so excited and attentive that I didn't notice a long time friend I haven't seen for ages was there in the event.

Two hours went by, and we needed a break, so we got one....

As I was sitting on the bench with a Sandwich in my hand my long time friend came by. Hey! He said, I was stocked to see him and patted my long time buddy on the shoulder, and he smiled…

I do remember him, my thoughts