What Is The Reason Why Leadership is Empowerment

#Employee empowerment becomes more important in organizations as management styles have shifted to focus on numerous leaders rather than supervisors within the business world.

It is leader's responsibility to #motivate and engage their followers in their work, which can be accomplished through empowering their employees, boosting the employee's self-confidence, increase in wages and appraisals. #Leader is clearly empowerment because without a good leader in a business that business or organisation sense of direction might not be well-defined and the structure of the business might not be achieved. Related Blog Post: Why You Weren't born to Have a Job It is important to know that followers or employees are also leaders because the act of leaders taking advice from employees or followers plays an important role in a business or organisation, a saying leaders are followers and followers are leaders all depending on the situation. Leaders should go for leadership skills training, read books on leadership skills, journals, audio and visual programs to improve their skills and abilities. Leaders should remember that without followers or employees in a business or organisation they will not exist "leadership existences and analyses is very vital in any organisation.

Although leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems. -Brain Tracy

Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that works.

- Seth Godin

My #suggestion is for an employee is that you should respect your employer and if you are an employer you respect your employee's professional way, despite any differences Whether race, culture or background.

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Have work ethics, devote and dedicate yourself to your work, always remember chose the work you want don't let it chose you. Even though recruiters seem to make it look like they are doing you a favour which is not true especially when you are good in your field of expertise, "you are a great catch!.

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#Recruiters or companies needs you as much as you need them.

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