Life Coaching Assessment Project

A-Z of Life coaching assessment and sample answers, life coaching basic, coaching process, and techniques. Life coaching provides support and consultancy across a wide range of personal and professional areas.

1. Questions and answers

What is the benefit of life coaching? They help and support people to understand and build awareness of their capabilities and potentials, by making use of plans and resources available to fulfill that person's own performance.

Reasons why people consult life coaches? Three core elements of life coaching

  • Clients

  • Life coach

  • Designed Alliance

The reason why people or individuals use a life coach is that life coaches have the expertise to help you maximise your potentials, Life coaching is basically about encouraging and helping individuals address their problems and making them find a solution to their answer themselves.

They believe that every individual has the power to grow and empower, all they need to do is find it within themselves. Everything is possible is their motto.

They keep everything discussed confidential and private, it is just between you and the life coach while building a good relationship and trust with their clients.

Roles of a life coach

When you doubt yourself people seek a life coach for clarity and understanding their own dreams and abilities better. The Role of a life coach varies from making you find answers to your own problems to making you accountable for your own actions. They don't spoon-feed you, but we help you maximise your performance (self-development and empowerment).

What you cannot discuss with other people can be discussed with a life coach, your secrets are safe with them.

2. Life coaching effective reason discussed

They are so effective in the world because a skilled life coach can help you see yourself from a better and different perspective. Life coaches are dedicated and focus their time to help clients for the now not tomorrow unlike mentors, they are performance-driven.

If you need a fresh start consult a life coach and build an effective relationship with the one you can trust. Life coaches /personal coaches will always want to understand the core of your problem

" Going from the familiar to the unfamiliar".

4. Life coaching common philosophy, and what are the interest and beliefs most of them share? Life coaches inspire and motivate their clients to reach their potentials and self-awareness while working with the client to improve and improve their self-development and self-empowerment.

They also help their clients to keep being focused, set plans and strategies for their self-improvement, and keep it going until they get it.

5, Similarities and differences between a life coach and a mentor? Mentors are relationship-driven, but life coaches are performance-driven, both can relate and performance-driven too in a way, it all depends on the mentor and the coach. Mentors usually role model and walk the talk but life coaches usually just get the work done using structures and plans. A Mentor can help in many fields while a life coach will concentrate on the task ahead within a short period of time.

Objectives and value of risk-taking in life coaching are powerful questions that will help the client overcome their fear, challenges, and difficulties, so the client can be self-aware and self-empowered. The role of the questions is not to play it safe, but it is to make the client think and leave their comfort zone during the coaching sessions. They also bring about self- changes in the lives of the clients (Risks, 2020).


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