Life Coaching Story- A story of a drunk man and his three sons riddle

A story of a drunk man named Country with his three sons, and how they ended up!

A drunk man story

The first child's name was action, the second child’s name was procrastination, and the third child’s name was nothing.

Many years ago, before the drunk man died, his three sons were living a life of misery, disappointment, and unhappiness. However, after years of suffering the three sons decided to do something about it in their own way.

The first child action did not like his father’s lifestyle but loved him nevertheless, and decided he will not complain instead he will work hard and be a better person than him, the second child procrastination always complained about his father and give excuses because he could not make it in life because of his background and ended up a drunkard himself. The third child did not really care whether his father was a drunkard or not either way he did not want to do anything with his life.

Furthermore, the first child loved his father nevertheless but still promised himself he will not be like his father, the second one was afraid, so gave excuses, complained, and never really liked his father's behaviour but ended up like his drunk dad anyway, the third either loved or was afraid, so he did nothing.

A young man reflecting

The drunk dad is a failed country, community, race, or family and the children are the people in it. Reflect on my story and ask yourself which category do you fall into?

- Life Coach Writers (writers, 2019)


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