Have you heard? How London's Uber-rival Bolt Goes Big

Uber's new rival in London has a huge advantage

After an aborted first attempt to conquer London in 2017, Bolt's ride-hailing app returns to the capital with an ambitious plan to break Uber's grip on the city.

Have you heard How London's Uber-rival Bolt Goes Big . #bolt #uber #rival #cabs #taxi

Recently, Uber did not have a great time in London, with Transport for London granting a measurable two-month licence to the taxi app in September to continue operating in the capital. So perhaps the company won't be surprised that ride-hailing app Bolt has launched an XL class for large families and larger groups today.

Founded in Estonia in 2013 (when it was known as Taxify), Bolt launched services in London in June this year, offering to take off from its drivers just 15 percent commission (compared to the 25 percent Uber Nabs) and saying that this means they could give customers lower prices. The new XL option would enable users to order larger vehicles, typically by SUV or minivan. Up to six passengers  carriage.

The organization also announced last month that all travels using its network in Europe will be carbon neutral as they will reduce emissions using an investment of €10 million to offset at least five million tons of carbon emissions. So if Uber's infamous security issues, dodgy financials, and horrific treatment of both his staff and drivers put you off, Bolt might be worth a shout.

Transport for London objected to bolt purchasing a business with an operating licence instead of applying for one on its own. Bolt has been through the licensing process successfully for the last two years and is now ready for action.

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