Mindset: The Secret Of MY MIND AND MY GOD

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The mind of a god: Our thoughts and minds are the most powerful tool, and it is who we are. We should guide it and put it to good use.

Once, I had a conservation with a person I have known for a few years in a coffee shop about our minds being God's gift, she did agree but told me to elaborate.

Am I being religious or what I thought deep....

For, a sec I asked myself why explain or even chip in this topic "My mind and my god", paused..... So I decided to ask her something first, while my #thoughts went wild, curious about what she meant or would say again. Didn't know where to start from, to be honest........

Well, I did start by asking her do you know your mind is a powerful tool?. Aha, I had to ask that question before I explained further because, for me, it was not an easy pie for me to have with my coffee... :)

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Hmm, her reply was "A man is what he thinketh all day long......" therefore "what a man thinketh, so he is" she said!.........

Her reply astonished me because I never thought she will reply to me that way I just felt she will make it harder for me to bear, so now I felt convinced, that I can explain further.

Added, yes, and it is your mind that guides your behaviour, decisions, actions in general and your thoughts feeds your mind to do it all!

Your mind is subdivided into two parts which are your conscious and your subconscious.

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After, a few seconds of silence I then pushed my sit a bit closer to hers, sipped my coffee slowly with a smile. In my thoughts I was excited. Yes! We will have a good conversation today:)... And hmm I continued…

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Then, said do you know that "Your mind is your god", she looked at me and said God! I said yes God, she felt concerned and confused. Concerned because she thought I was mocking God which I had a sudden feeling about..... Confused because she was trying to think about what I meant.... Again it might just have been my subconscious mind at work...

How can I mock God my thought went wild....

Then, I sipped my coffee again a bit faster this time.

I knew there was a lot of explanation ahead, but time was against me because I needed to go back to the office, but I smiled and took a deep breath.

I concluded, simply by saying that we all have the mind of a god because we have been given the choice to think and the freewill to act the way we want or feel. Aren't we all responsible for our actions? Hmm, she said. Once, there is trust or relationship built between your conscious mind and subconscious mind you can tell your subconscious mind whatever you want it to do or not to do. WOW OK, she said and I carried on!

Our #minds are our god and a pathway to our actions and reactions in life. Either way, the path to success or failure is in our thoughts and minds. Then I went further to tell her that the mind is a creative tool and something we all need to make use of effectively.

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Either you have a positive mindset or negative #mindset, whichever way, depends on how your #conscious and #subconscious agreed together... your thinking process she concurred....

I smiled.....

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Mind and thoughts are the master gardener and man is the author of his environment. You either see your environment as good or as bad and both as an effect on you.

She sipped her coffee and took a bite of her cake on the table, but does it make our minds gods? My reply was "Yes" because our minds are a gift from God (choice) and if misled or misinformed, can cause mental health issues, depression, anxiety, and loss.


Yep, loss of concentration and denial of self.

Only if you reset I think......

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Hmm, she said.......

Thoughts which is the flow of ideas (positive or negative) and when you repeat the same thought over and again, the power of your mind helps to make your thoughts come to reality (existence). So, the thoughts is the continuous creation of the mind .....(mindset).

The Power of creative imagination is Infinite intelligence.

She paused!


I nodded and said the source of thought is the conscious and the source of power is the Subconscious.

And I concluded....

Remember to reset when needed I smiled and left....

Guide your thoughts and mind.

If you read this blog post to the end comment by telling us what you think about the power of thoughts and mind in general? And do you think your mind is a great tool?

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