What Are The 7 Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening 

What Are The 7 Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening 

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms you might have experienced.

1. Changing your sleep patterns

Restless, hot feet and waking up two or three times at night, don't worry it is not a bad thing, you can get by on less sleep.

Advice: Get used to it, make peace with it and don't worry about getting enough sleep which can cause more insomnia, request your higher self to give you a break now and then and give you a good deep sleep. Deep sleep is mostly between (3am - 5am).

If you cannot get to sleep right way, don't worry you not alone because I experience it time to time too, try going to bed 1 hour before your bedtime and shutting down all light in your room, read poetry or write and your body will adjust to the new pattern.

2. Feeling of sudden waves of emotion.

Feeling suddenly angry or sad with little provocation or feeling depressed.

Respect your feelings as they come and let them go, take a deep breath, feel the emotion directly to your heart "chakra" and breathe deeply from your belly all down to your chest.

Try not to direct emotions at anyone or any situation,

Depression most times are linked to letting go relationships to people, work and disappointment etc that no longer match us in our frequencies. Let go and let your body heal from the pain, your body is undergoing a healing process.

3. Gaining or losing weight

Gaining or losing weight : don't be scared, accept it is a symptom of where you are right now.

Release your anxiety and fear then exercise before eating might make it easier to loss or gain weight. Drink water before eating and after eating, eat more of balanced diet and food containing protein is a superb source to gain or loss weight.

4. Activity at the crown of your head

Don't be scared or worry, it is nothing to be alarmed about, people experience it and I do experience it too, what you are experiencing is an opening of the Crown "chakra the sensation means that you are opening up to receive divine energy. #Enlightenment