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Article: 2020

Before, we go straight to what we mean. Firstly, we need to define what is meant by consistency, it is simply derived from the word consistent. So, the simple meaning of #consistency is a desired repeated pattern, evenness, or treatment towards your interest or something you need or wants to achieve. Hence, a friend simply told me once that it is no going back towards your dreams or desire. No second option No drifting just it is going.

#Persistence is also a similar word for consistency and all these keywords all have something similar which is "focus and determination". Why do I think they have something similar? Well, it is because you need a certain level of focus and determination for you to achieve your aims, objectives, and goals.

Therefore, consistency and focus go hand in hand in the achievement of your goals in life. Hence, before concluding, However, I need to explain to you clearly the word "consistent" since many might not know the actual meaning of the word, consistent is the act of doing something over and over again because you want to achieve a goal, desire, interest or target, however, life coaches will help you gain clarity, support and encourage you to reach your goals while giving you tools to stay on track. Consistency is a pattern that has a positive impact on achieving your goals. If you are not consistent then you are demotivated, depressed, and lack enthusiasm or desire.

Motivation is the power horse of being consistent, and the driven force behind a successful journey towards maximising your performance in anything you set your mind to do.

Since being consistent also means trying to be accurate, yes it is understandable that you will have ups and downs, but you have to keep doing it again and again until or change the pattern, so you reach your goal. Don't reach your end until you reach your goal!

Secret of Success : keys to Self- Empowerment and Motivation
Consistency and Focus

In conclusion,

Having explained and derived many similar keys words for your understanding. Consistency and focus go towards any goals or interests you want to achieve, I have come to realise that consistency and focus are an important part of #development & #selfempowerment, motivation, training, and coaching.

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