What Is Spiritual Awakening Guide and Gains

Spiritual awakening simply marks the beginning of your personal initiation on the spiritual path, so without undergoing a spiritual awakening, you can go throughout your life chasing the emptiness of money, power, frame, and deep admiration to find happiness, but you will never be happy if you have not awakened your conscious and subconscious #mind.

Undergoing a #spiritual #awakening is one of the most uncertain, lonely, and estranging experiences which of the highest degree, extremely wonderful and beautiful experiences in life.

Everyone can experience a spiritual awakening, spiritual awakening is the soul's expression for liberty and cry out for freedom.

Listen to the call and your life will be something worthwhile and consequential.

You will never be the old you again and your life will change for the better!

Stages of spiritual awakening

Unhappiness and feeling lost is the first stage, the second stage is fluctuating perspectives, the third stage is seeking answers and meaning to life, the fourth stage is finding answers, enlightenment and experience breakthroughs, the fifth stage is disappointment and feeling lost again and the sixth stage is deeper insight work and final stage is #communicating, happiness and growth.

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Which is the stage when you start to rip the fruits of your enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

What stage are you in?

Remember that "we live is not nearly as significant as the manner in which we live". It is a misunderstanding that often keeps people in a condition/shape of sadness, sorrow, and anxiety.

People forget to enjoy the trip of freedom and the journey towards their spiritual awakening, hence, they forget what they are really going for, or what they are searching for: "discovery of themselves" is the path towards everyone should journey and enjoy.

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