Why Tech World is Helping the Future

Technology improves economic growth, living standards, and it introduces ways to find and create more work. With the technological advancements of today, the world has made a better turn into the future. By 2022, artificial intelligence and robotics are expected to create over 130 million jobs.

The misconception that the tech world will kill jobs is not true because it will do the opposite. Technology will change the way people work, but the concern is which jobs will be lost and gained.

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Jobs for Growth and those that are Declining Demand

Technology has reduced the demand for mechanized work, but it creates a higher demand for other types of work like technical and analytical.

It is true that machines are doing more difficult and repetitive tasks and manual jobs have the biggest suffering since machinery can take the place of human labor.

However, there are no signs that these innovations are going to replace the need for a human brain to perform non-routine work. Technology will only be used to complement and promote growth.

Innovation does not necessarily mean that jobs will be eradicated and new ones will replace them. Companies can also use technology to complement their workforce.

Everyone Can Work

Since more jobs will be created that demand less mechanized labor, it can free more people from financial challenges. In addition, the majority of tech schools discovered that it is easier to succeed in a business compared to those who went o college. Therefore, countries that support and fund tech schools will have economic stability.

The holders of university degrees normally look for jobs even if they are not economically stable, so they can wait for their pension in the future. However, it is not until you reach the age of 65 years before you can receive a pension. It becomes harder when they do not survive until 65, or they will be in situations that disqualify them.

Therefore, aside from taking advantage of technological developments and seeing how it can improve the future, you should also be an idealist. You can use artificial intelligence to create more jobs that demand less human labor, so more people can do the job. This is especially good for those who want to start a tech business or graduate from college and want to gain experience.

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What the Future Holds

Not far from now, there will be more jobs because of technology instead of the opposite. The human brain cannot be replaced by what technology can do. They are just there to complement and improve the way people work.

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