The Best Way- How do I look after myself? By doing less

Looking after yourself is a must and something we all have to do, but as we grow older we tend to focus on looking after others. We like to protect and see our loved ones grow and develop positively.

Be kind to yourself. And ensure you nurture yourself, because you only have one life to live.

My 10 self-care steps and what have been keeping me going in life.

  • Meditation

  • Sleeping properly

  • For a long time, not using mobile phones. Do not allow your computer to take control of you. It's nice when to you use any technology, but when the same technology starts to use you, things go wrong. Be mindful of that!

  • Being active physically (especially dancing).

  • Walking away from melodrama and animosity that in no way helps me.

  • Looking for ways to better and improve yourself.

  • Make fun of yourself. Make sure you don't get too worried about yourself.

  • Quit comparison, It will make you lose focus life and increase your level of stress.

  • Practice appreciation. Be grateful that others are working hard for what they have. Stop being bitter!

  • Read, spend time with your loved ones. Appreciate them. Support them to rise.

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Therefore, what are your own 7 steps for self-care then ?

Throughout my experience and search for happiness I have found that taking care of yourself is the number one key to self - fulfilment and it is only if you take care of yourself and you are happy that you can make other people around you happy and take care of them.

A person is what s/he thinks about and s/he can only give what they got. A man's reflection is what s/he thinks about!

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