The Importance of Gender Equality in Society

The good thing about the current generation is that there are more passionate individuals who fight for gender equality, that not only men can take on stronger roles in society. There is still gender inequality today, and it is still widespread. However, women are more empowered to take stronger roles in the workplace, at home, and society in general.

I think that more people should fight for gender equality, especially when it comes to women being considered as sex objects or their purpose is only to be wives.

Equal Footing in the Household

In a household, if both parents want to work, there is nothing wrong with that. With the availability of the internet, it is possible to be home with the kids while working. The burden of raising children, running a household, and paying for expenses can be shared by both.

In this kind of set-up, there is equal footing in the relationship and no one is dominant over the other. Dominance is not bad, but when it comes to making decisions, I think it should come from both.

It is nice to see a household where the opinions of both are equally respected, and one does not expect to be saved by the other.

In addition, their children will see this and it sets a good example for them. Women have the right to be independent, and they could also become head of the family if it is necessary. The men in their life should complement them and are not expected to control the.

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Gender Equality in the Workplace

In the past, women were deprived of taking on leadership roles because they were considered subordinates of men. However, with the feminist movements that are happening around the world, that is slowly changing. For example, the prime minister of New Zealand is a woman, and they just sent home their last Covid-19 patient. It is proof that women are also capable of being in a position of power and use it for the good.

The salary of men and women must be the same in all positions in the workplace, and there must be no special preference of men over women when it comes to promotions. Each person must be assessed accordingly based on the quality of work they deliver regardless of their gender.

Violence Against Women

There is power in relationships that is culturally and socially ingrained in society. That means one person in the relationship has power and the other one has none.

Normally men are given a higher value, and it is seen in many social life settings which leads to violence whether they are verbal, physical, or psychological.

There are approximately 1/3 of women who have experienced violence, and it can happen anywhere in the world. Violence against women should be looked into regardless of culture or social society.

Respecting the LGBT Community

No matter what a person identifies as he or she must be given the same opportunity as anyone and does not deserve to experience violence or hatred. In the workplace, their skills are just as valuable as anyone else's.

This is an issue that must be addressed because women were not put on Earth just to serve men. They are rational beings too and have the right to equality and power.

Gender equality must be achieved because no one is less than the other and for the community to succeed, it is an issue to be addressed, don't you agree with me?

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