Life Coach Writers - What Is The Power Of Motivation

Motivation can be strengthened if only you know that it is an inner, passion or strong wiliness to be motivated, influence, or strategy to motivate you.

Hence, We all need that power of motivation because in our lives because we get that buzz of not doing anything or feel down sometimes for no reason or for a reason.

The power of motivation is the key to our answer because it is the burning #desire to achieve a set and defined goal.

So, #motivation simply is the passion, enthusiasm, and eagerness and the power of motivation is the "desire" or "ambition" to achieve a specifically defined goal defined earlier but the word desire and ambition are important keys for you to be motivated because these words are the driving force of motivation in fact the word power means driving force.

Motivation can be strengthened if only you know that it is an inner #power that "pushes" you towards taking an action towards a goal/achievement. Therefore, the strong desire to do something or accomplish a #goal that you find interesting is the key. When you like or love what you do you will find that burning desire to accomplish it.

life coach writers know there are keywords you should always remember that motivation is the energy, drive, zest inside you to keep you going towards achieving a certain goal, so what comes to your mind, how can a person have that drive or burning fire inside to keep going towards achieving a goal?

The answers are "enthusiasm", "passion" and "interest" when something is of interest that person gets that burning desire and eagerness to accomplish that task or goal. It is clear that our interest and passion play a perfect role in the power of motivation.

But let's define "enthusiasm" is an intense passion or eagerness to "enjoy" a "specific" and defined goal. Remember we mention the power of motivation at the beginning of the blog, and we did come to the conclusion that the key meaning to the power of motivation is "enthusiasm".

Our enthusiasm level needs to be boasted at all times, so we can have that burning desire inside us.

So, when you have the motivation, there is a sense of #direction, initiative, energy, and determination to follow your goals.

The truth is that only you can create that burning desire because you are the architect of your own future, people can try to motivate you but the wiliness needs to come from you (Headway UK development and empowerment 2019), my mother told me that you can force a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink water". We need to evaluate/analysis ourselves, create the environment we want to live in, and remember a man is what he thinks about all day all -Earl #Nightingale 2019).

In conclusion, we need to engage more in activities of interest to us than things done because of finical gain only. Clearly stating again, not just finical beneficial purposes alone because soon or later that burning desire will disappear, your #purpose in life must be well-defined by you and you alone.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction - Newton's third law

Remember that we live is not nearly as significant as the manner in which we live. It is misunderstanding this that often keeps people in a condition/shape of sadness, sorrow, lack of desire, enthusiasm, and anxiety. People forget to enjoy the trip of freedom and journey towards that goal,