The Reason Why Your Enemy is Your Mind

Do you sometimes have trouble silencing your mind?

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night because of too many thoughts?

Are you an over thinker?

You tried many ways to keep your mind peaceful, but nothing seems to be working, frustrating, isn't it?

Don't worry because Headway UK England is here to help you.

Read on to find out more.

The Mind Can Be The Enemy Of Self Or The Friend Of Self, Depending On Your Thoughts

The mind is its own place and can become a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven in itself.

My Mind And My God makes us think and see the reason why we have the opportunity to love, and yet we hate, we have the opportunity to think positively, yet we think negatively.

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You create an environment of fear, doubt, complain, procrastination, hate and failure for yourself with your mind and yet you say it is faith that brought you all the misfortune.

The within becomes what is without and yet you think it is what is without that becomes your within, you seek empathy and mistrust and yet you want to succeed. It is all in your mind and it is your thoughts that engage your mind. " My mind to me a kingdom is, Chaucer said. The mind of every individual is his kingdom, and as the reigning monarch he determines what kind of kingdom it should be.

Here Are Reason Why Your Enemy Is your Mind

Your Mind is the master actor of your life : If your thoughts is repetitively negative you start to act negatively, it is OK to think negative but it is not OK to stay negative.

Your mind is arsenal of imagination and ideas: Your mind is the temple of your thoughts, and thoughts is the creation of the mind, imagination of ideas, solutions and creation. If your mind is full of worry, anxiety it is impossible to think right.

Lost Of Mind Is Temptation And Lust : Repetition of Impure thoughts in the mind can lead to temptation and lust.

Tiredness of the mind can cause the mind to worry, and worry cannot solve nothing it only adds to the problem, simply just go for a walk or lie down.

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Worry affects the circulation of the nervous system and heart, so stop doubting yourself and start to believe in yourself.

Putting so much weight or measure on your mind will cause ill health and depression.

James Allen Quote "A mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth its fruits.

As A man thinketh, so he is, as he continues to think, so he remains.

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