Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving that marks the beginning of the shopping season for consumers in Christmas holidays. As a result, retailers are promoting their stores heavily by marking down prices to attract shoppers to buy online and offline products from their stores.

For these four days, there are no rules. Retailers are free to set up their Black Friday deals anyway they want to help attract buyers.

The True Meaning of Black Friday

The meaning of Black Friday may look like business oriented. But in fact, the shopping event was started by shoppers. It was first noticed in Philadelphia that the day after Thanksgiving would always have high traffic. That's when the shopping twist coined Black Friday for the first time, and it dates back to 1961.

The origin of Black Friday had much less to do with shopping, however. Today, however, it's an occurrence that helps retailers transition before the end of the year from red to black.

7 Ideas to promote your business on Black Friday

1, Generate a Gifts Guide 

Gift guides allow customers to find you during the holiday season (and people buying gifts for their customers). For starters,' Gifts for CrossFit Lovers,'' CrossFit Gifts for Her,'' CrossFit Gifts for Him,'' Funny CrossFit Gifts,' and' CrossFit Gifts for Coaches 'are all examples of gift ideas that a Cross fit lover or a CrossFit lover friend could look for you if you sold CrossFit.

There are two ways to create a gift guide easily: by creating a collection or by writing a blog post.

Either by create a product tag with the same name on Shopify or write a blog post in Shopify for an article.

2, A one-hour deal

The hourly sale is a Black Friday marketing idea that works best in high-traffic shops. Keep the Black Friday deals to keep the customers coming back with a surprise.

Therefore, don't forget to sell all products in addition to the Deal of the Hour on Black Friday deals. For example, if you give anything at 30 % off, then your Deal of the Hour could be 40 % off or higher. For every hour you'll have a deal, don't forget to create a homepage banner.

3, Lengthen by offering sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Extending the sale is an effective marketing strategy for Black Friday that has become much more popular. Black Friday was the biggest day in which stores had their best sales. Cyber Monday, however, emerged with the rise of e-commerce. As a trend, many retailers in e-commerce  extend their sales to four full days.


4, Benefit by using Hashtags

If advertising for Black Friday, in addition to your usual hashtags, you can take advantage of Black Friday's regular Instagram hashtags. Hashtags like #blackfriday #cybermonday #sale #blackfridaysale #blackfridaydeals will be included. This will help you to attract customers to take advantage of who are explicitly looking for offers.

5, Increase the amount of your ad

Advertisers will spend much more than usual during the Black Friday weekend. This means that it will cost higher than usual per click (CPC). If you're going to advertise on Facebook, consider spending a few days out of Black Friday to maximise your ad. This will give the ad sufficient time to prepare for converts, allowing you to change and tweak the way ahead of the big day.

6, Direct mail with a Gift Code or coupon code

Online advertising is becoming much more expensive with retailers raising their ad budgets dramatically. You can send a holiday card to previous customers if you've built up a customer base. This could include a personal note thanking them for their purchase throughout the year and a special discount code for him or her with their name as the code.

Ensure that you handwrite the name on the card to make it look more customised.

Codes, codes, codes, codes, codes

7, New products should be added

Shoppers love to check new products. Whether a consumer or shopper has once bought an item from you or they are a returning customer, their interest is always piqued by new products.

To add new items. Make sure you add few new product a couple of days before Black Friday, you can add some new items. It encourages former customers to come back to your store with a new experience. The additional option of new products could be equal to additional sales before the big holiday without the expense of marketing.

Now it's time to get started on these marketing ideas for Black Friday and make sure your store is ready for the sales boost on the biggest shopping weekend.


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