The Truth About Why Strangers are More Supportive of You

Do you have a brilliant idea, but you are not sure who will support you?

The most successful people in the world did not have it easy, and they did not expect their friends and family to support them. Most of the time, they are the ones who only want to take from you or are jealous of your success. You will be surprised that a total stranger is easier to talk to about your vision than anyone else around you and that is okay.

Are you planning to start talking about it to your family and friends first before pushing through, but you aren't sure if they will like it?

You might be surprised at how unreceptive they are to your idea, and how they might even laugh at you behind your back.

You have a hard time believing this? Then, read this blog to know why this happens, and how Headway UK England can help you.

You Cannot Please Everyone

If you have a dream, and it will do good in the world, never hesitate to take the journey no matter how difficult it gets. You will encounter haters along the way, especially your friends and family because it does not please them. It could be that, or they question themselves why your idea never occurred to them, hence the jealousy. You are going to hear a lot of negative comments, meet people who will try to bring you down, and it can be painful. However, staying focused on what you want to achieve is worth every hate and negativity you hear.

At the end of the day, you are the one who is a step closer to where you want to be not them.

You can kiss negativity goodbye. Keep in mind that not everyone will understand your journey, or what you do.

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They Are Not in it for the Long Ride

When you are just starting out, some of your family and friends will not believe in you because they do not see the result yet. That is because most of them only want to benefit from your success. Those people will only be nice to you because they see how far you’ve come, but they did not want to be part of the process. Some will even want to see you fail because they do not want you to be better than they are.

You do not need individuals like that in your life, and these people do not deserve anything from you.

Headway UK will be on this ride with you where you can find a mentor.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor shares their own career path journey with a mentee. They will guide, inspire, motivate, and give you emotional support. Mentors are also considered role models because they help with career exploration, contact development, goal setting, and identifying resources.

I think mentors are one of the best supporters. Hence, good mentoring and the value of observation is important when it comes to your dreams and achievement.

Contact us for good mentors:

You are Courageous

Life does not happen until you get out of your comfort zone, and you can only do that with courage and being fearless. Those who do not want to support you are stuck in their old ways because that is where they feel comfortable. You do not want to be comfortable, and staying still makes you uneasy. That is a good thing for dreamers like you who want to make it a reality.

If you are fearless, there is nothing that could stop you and the people who want to be around you are total strangers. They can see your glow and potential, and have belief in you.

These people who support you will only make you more courageous, and you are gaining from them as well.

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Do not be afraid to take the road less travelled because that is when you will learn to depend on yourself. No one else is there to protect you, which only makes you stronger. Once you reach the end, there is a beautiful valley waiting for you.

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About the author:

I am an optimistic person who sees the calm after the storm. When I sense negativity, I turn away from it and live life as it is. I have goals and dreams and I work for them every day.

I love reading, practising yoga, meditating, listening to music, writing, discovering new things, cats, and connecting with others. You will normally see me very calm and logical, and it takes a lot to make me angry. I always see the good side of things, which is important if you want to stay sane in this crazy world.

I write blogs not only for the sake of coming up with a piece because I know that words are powerful enough to inspire others.

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