The truth About Top 7 Leadership Quality That Makes Good Leaders in 3 mins

Qualities and traits that makes good leaders

We all define leadership differently but one of the best way by John C Maxwell defines leadership clearly. " A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way"

A good leader knows what he wants and knows how to turn his ideas into reality.

In our blog we look deep into what separates good leaders from bad ones.

1, Honesty and Integrity

The most important quality of leadership is integrity, without integrity no real success can be achieved no matter the team or people that follows you.

Honestly and Integrity is a very important trait which makes a good leader. If the leader is honest then there is possibility the followers will follow that trait and path.

2, Inspiring others

A good leader must be able to influence others to follow him or her, It is one of the most difficult task of a leader, but it is possible if the leader inspires his followers by being a good

Role model.

Example if things get tough followers will look up to you and see how you react to the incident. If it is handled well, they will follow you.

Stay clam under pressure, keep the motivation level up and be diplomatic when things go wrong with your followers. Remember you are dealing with people from different backgrounds and cultures most times.

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3, Confidence

A good leader should have confidence to be able to lead and delegate duties to his followers. A good leader must be sure of his or her decisions and qualities before being followed.

You must show some assertiveness to gain the respect of your followers but shouldn't be overconfident. A good leader shouldn't be sexist and must treat all gender equally

4, Good communicating traits

You must clearly communicate your vision to your team or followers, try to understand their background or culture and tell them how to achieve the goals.

A good leader must be a good communicator and must be able to use his words effectively to achieve results.

5, Delegate and Empower

A good leader must focus on key duties and responsibilities when delegating the rest of the work to others. Ability to empower your followers and delegate tasks to them makes you a good leader.

Always try to provide your followers with all the tools and support they will need to achieve their objectives.

6, Empathy

A good leader should show empathy towards his or her followers. Many leaders unfortunately follow dictatorial style and neglect empathy towards their followers.

Understanding the pain and difficulties of your followers is the first step to becoming a good leader.

7, Passion and decision-making

A good leader must be passionate about his or her job, duties and responsibilities, you must be fully committed and also have the ability to take the right decision at the right time with a right attitude.

"Little more than his or her share of the blame and little less than his or her share of the credit"

Making them realize their mistakes and working together to improve it.


Becoming a leader you must have all these qualities but if you lack some qualities or struggling to. You might have to do courses and training on leadership, visit a leader coach, read more books on leadership especially books by "John C Maxwell" because these traits makes an outstanding leader.

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