Clear and unbiased fact about Why Times Back Then Will Just Never Be The Same

Back in the days' integration to the society, surroundings and people was much better

I was raised in a good old #Belvedere, DA17. During a time when everyone was treating each other like a friend and family. We knocked at the doors of our friends, we went out to play in the estate and surrounding areas. We designed dens and made swings of trees, we got dirty and had baths-no showers (showers had ends of rubber-sucker attached to the taps).

Never ate fast food on a Sunday ... we eat Sunday Dinner ... was a good home. From an ice cream van, we got ice cream. We had water #fights, played rounders, jumping in the yard, derby, hide-and-seek, run-outs, and knock ginger down.

There was no bottled water where we drank water from the tap (bathroom tap at night) After cleaning it with our dirty sleeves we shared the same bottle of pop. We only had after-school programming for kids and only four channels to stream. We rode our bicycles for hours, it was fun fun!!  it was amazing!

Nothing like a #mobile device or any other electronic device existed. If somebody had a fight, that's what it was... A fight for the hand. Since children had no guns or knives, the streetlights were either our curfew or we'd been shouting out! We were free to run around! Education was compulsory. We looked around our elders at our mouths because we knew we would get a slap.

Never forget where you were raised!

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