How To Pick The Best Oil For Your Hair Type

Everyone needs a shine-boosting oil. Hence, natural oils can make your hair radiant and beautiful.  Our ancestors have been using natural oil from Africa to Europe to the shores of Asia.

The best oils you can use on your hair can be used for your skin and most likely consumed too, Hence, oils used on your hair must be natural and alcohol-free.

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Here are oils that I have personally tried, and the results have been stunning, hence some are good for thick manes or coarse hair, thin, fine, and oily locks are just the matter of finding the best for you.

Coconut oil: Best for all colours and texture of hair

You can use coconut oil on all textures of hair (even greasy hair) to replenish your roots and also protect your scalp. It is filled with carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, coconut oil can also help build stronger strands, making it an excellent weekly remedy for locks that are susceptible to breakage and slow growth.

Almond oil: Great for battering dandruff

If your scalp is irritated, try massaging your scalp with almond oil whenever you wash your hair, reducing inflammation, redness, and dandruff.

Hemp seed oil and Camphor white oil: Yes mix both together for best result.

Hemp seed oil rich in essential fatty acids, protein (25%), and vitamins, your hair will sink it in! Hence, hemp seed oil is packed with vitamin E which is full of antioxidants while camphor oil on your hair makes your hair soft, stimulates blood flow, and boosts hair growth too.... Argan oil with camphor oil is good or hemp seed oil with argan oil is good for your hair growth. Trust me you can never go wrong with Argan oil, I have also recovered black Castro oil too which will make your hair thicker, beautiful, and darker!

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A mixture of both will promote healthy hair growth, and give you that hair you have always dreamed of and wanted!

1, Argan oil: Great for frizzy or dry hair

Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it can help turn brittle, coarse, and unruly hair into smoother, shinier, more manageable tresses, while also reducing drop-aways , and frizz.

UK's best oil is a liquid gold oil from Morocco 

Mix Argan oil with hemp seed oil, camphor oil, or olive oil for best results. I do personally recommend these mixtures because I have tried them at it really works the magic!

2. Kalahari's melon seed oil: best for sensitive scalps and skin

High in omega-6, the fatty acids are known to improve hair growth, proteins, and vitamins C, B2, and G, Kalahari melon seed oil is an excellent reparative oil, known to be especially gentle on sensitive skin and scalps.

When you are suffering and anguish from dermatitis, psoriasis, or often itchy responses to beauty products, it's the shine that improves your hair oil.

Yes :), I did say that good oils are good for both skin and hair, remember underneath your hair is your scalp and that is part of your skin right? Therefore, if that skin is kept healthy, it will promote beautiful and healthy hair growth.

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