What Are The 5 Ways Why Your Lifestyle Is Killing You? Untold secret

We're looking at the bad habits to blame-and what we can do to break them

Your Diet and weight 

How much we eat and what we eat affects our health risks tremendously, since it's no secret that our nation is struggling with an obesity epidemic. Statistics show digital.nhs.uk about obesity rates and increase in children and adults.

Therefore, this is the mixture of your weight and where your weight is distributed, so it's your BMI and the fat of your belly in particular," also, it is because you eaten so much red meat and salt, not enough protein, fruits and vegetables ; A healthy, balanced diet will make a significant difference.

Drink water is very important

"The levels of alcohol consumption in this country have increased significantly in recent decades, but the more you reduce your alcohol intake and drink more water instead, the more chances of you lowering your risk of liver cancer and mouth cancer.

"Reduce, even if you drink  one or two days a week or if you don't have half a pint full, anything you can do will make a significant difference."

Make sure you exercise

Getting active will not only lower our weight and cancer risk, it regulates our hormones, keeps our muscles and heart healthy and improves our general well-being.

"20 minutes a day of moderate activity, yoga, dancing or even walking to a bus stop or taking a dog for a walk-  just doing anything that raises your heart rate a little and gets you out of breath a little is great"

Negative thoughts is a very bad habit

Your mindset and thoughts are very powerful. The way you think influences your way of acting, and your way of acting influences how people respond to you. If you're going into a situation that expects a negative result, it's likely to happen. Be positive that everything will workout fine. Think positively and have an open mind

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Maintain a positive attitude and confidence while approaching any situation. Keep your mind open to all possibilities and fun surprises. Tell yourself that something positive will happen; the way you feel will change your thinking. You increase the chances of things going well by starting out on the right foot.

Point of action: Be mindful of how thought governs your actions

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