What Are The Effects Of Mental Illness In Certain Area Of Our Lives

A mental illness is a disorder which affects the thought, feeling or mood of a person. These disorders can affect the ability of somebody to relate to others and to work every day

Chronic use of certain drugs can result to short- and long-term brain changes that can lead to mental health problems like fear, depression, anxiety, violence, hallucinations and other issues.

With many conditions of physical health, living with a mental illness can impact other areas of your life such as:

1, Education

To Studying can be more difficult when living with mental illness and does the school or college that you attend provide additional and adequate support to mental ill students or you just struggle to get through your school and college work?

Is an unfamiliar higher education environment making you very stressful, especially when you already have a mental illness or depression?

2, Physical health

Mental illness condition may impact in your ability to protect and develop your physical well-being  and improve it. 

3, Children and parenting

As a result, mental illness can really affect our families and relationships in general,  pregnancies and unborn child will have an effect on certain medications,  Therefore, if you take any medication seek support  and advice before getting pregnant. 

4, Your work

Mental illness can affect your work activities and how you interact with people at work.

It can also be quite difficult to get or maintain a job when the symptoms or side effects of a mental illness make it harder for you to function properly as stated earlier. 

Make the most of what life throws at you in your relationships, in your workplace and in your community if you want to enjoy good mental health.

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