What are the five things you can learn in life?

Thinking of just 5 is hard. But the 80/20 rule is true and you only need few things to live a happy and positive life

What are the five things you can learn in life?

Here are the five things you must master and learn in life

 Your well-being  - If you're not well It is hard to do anything productive. It's even harder to be happy and fulfilled if you lack energy.

Your time- Time is money, for sure. Therefore, if you waste your time and procrastinate you are likely to regret it as you grow older.  

Your thoughts of words - Always watch your thoughts of words, guide your tongue and listen more than you talk. Think before you talk and watch your actions because they will become habits.

Where are you going? Why are you going there? What do you really want, and why do you really want It? And gradually realising your potential is achievement itself.

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Quote of thought by Thatcher

Life lesson - What are the five things you can learn in life?- Thatcher

Okie- dokie your  bucks :) - You don't need much living capital. But you need sufficient amount to feel safe, feel secure, be happy, be healthy etc.  Remember to save money and invest your money for future security. Investing in properties is trendy and profitable.

Use your money in the loop right way and it will make you happy now and in the future.

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