Mentor- What Are The Five W's Of Life?

The five W's of life and why it is an important factor for your personal development.

Since, years of research about what really matters and human observation which can be factored by Swot analyses, I have come to a conclusion that there is just five W's of life. The five W's define, class and analyses our strength, weakness, opportunities and threat in everything we do in life.

Here are the five w's of life

  • Who you are is what makes you special person, don't change for anyone.

  • What's out there is a mystery, don't be afraid to be adventurous and explore

  • When life punches you over, you punch back harder.

  • Where choices need to be made, make the one that you will not regret but remember to take risks in life as well.

Start-up business, entrepreneurs and leaders.

  • Why things will never be clear, take it in steps and push forward.

The five W's will guide you. Since "Why" is like a product life cycle analyses for every start- up business. Critical thinking is a good, important and every human should do that if they want to succeed. Even though How is not part of the W's, I think it is also an important factor of personal development and coaching.

Who are you, what are you going to do, when are you going to do it, where is it going to be done, location, website, social media, why are you trying to do it and what is the main purpose of what you try to do?

Addition ; Where are you going? Why are you going there? What do you really want, and why do you want It? And if you're gradually realising your potential?

When you want to start up something it is important your conscious and subconscious mind agree because it is your subconscious mind that makes you consistent and creative in whatever you do.

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