What Are Healthy Habits To Clear Your Mind And Gain Insight

Positive thinking creates a healthy mind which results in healthy habits, many of us have come across this saying and heard from our parents, mentors, and teachers but yet it still feels hard to act upon.

What baffles me is that people want results but are not ready to change some habits to clear their minds and insight. You cannot get good results if you don't clear your mind and gain valuable insight.

Causes of ill health

  • Overeating hmm, foods are not good for your health

  • Lack of exercise

  • The negative expression of thoughts

  • Overindulgence in sex

The body is the servant of the #mind- James Allen

Since my years of ups and downs, I have come to the conclusion that a clear mind and valuable insight is all you need to think and focus on. How is it possible to be creative if you don't have a clear mindset?

Here are a few habits for clearing your "Mind" and gaining valuable "Insight".

  • Take a 30-min jog each #day.

  • Streaming / playing classical music while reflecting with coffee in your living-room.

  • Dancing in your living-room is cool!

  • Read a book.

  • Twenty-minute stretching is great. 

  • Deep breathing/meditation is key.

  • Take a drive alongside the country/beach road

  • Sit around a campfire and work a puzzle.

  • Don't forget to turn off your phone or get away from your phone for at least 2 hours every day.

  • Hang out, and play with a puppy.

  • Socialize with people and have a chill-out spot, guys!

  • Cook or fry a sausage for breakfast:)

  • Looking up at the stars during an incredibly clear night

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Many people think being intelligent, you have to appear serious, but I totally disagree with that, Hey, he is just a great actor, and yet he couldn't pull it off in real life. You can look #intelligent doesn't mean you can fry a sausage right:) She was asked a simple puzzle and riddle but kept mumbling, and she just couldn't answer it.

We need to unplug from the fast-moving world and take a step back and re-set.

Read books on enlightenment it will help you on your journey.

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