What Are The Psychological Tips To Get People to Immediately LIKE YOU?

In general, being liked by people can be frustrating and quite impossible hence, we always want to find a way to be liked, respected, and favoured, to get through in life.

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There is a difference between being liked and being respected, the difference is that being liked is dependent on others and being respected is others dependent on you. But as you can see this Gorgeous Fluffy White Samoyed dog is adorable and lucky to have both qualities and attributes.

We all want to be respected and liked hence, we forget that been respected is earned while been liked is people's choice if they have that impression of you that is appealing to them. I strongly believe that being like is a preference and being respected is up to you.

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Here are some characteristics you must possess if you want to be liked by people.

  • Eye contact and smile

  • Speak less than them

  • Avoid politics and religion

  • Be down-to-earth and talk about mutual hobbies

  • Make people feel important by asking them what they think

  • Be genuine and agreeable

  • Observe people and understand their culture

  • Respect their background and hustle

  • Trying to trust people can make people feel they can trust you too.

Could it be because dogs are adorable, loyal, good listeners, caring, understandable, and always avoid politics and religion (smiles).

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I have always been a dog lover but since my dog "Tracy" and "Shadow" died I was emotionally down about having another dog but hopefully, someday I will again! They were just so cute and so adorable, Tracy was a Dobermann and Shadow was a German Shepherd, they were my best friends!