Are you having difficulties in your relationship? Do you feel like your man doesn't understand you or you don't understand him? We all in these together and it is a constant effort women and men must work on because relationships are not built in a day, it takes time and great commitment. Here Are Tips That Make THE RELATIONSHIP BETTER AND STRONGER that works for all.


Relationship is all about management and commitment, I do find it odd when people say all the time that been in a relationship is hard and difficult task but that doesn't make much sense. Firstly it is not task oriented but a commitment issue. It is complex and management problem.

In a relationship there are some advice and practise men and women should follow every day and stay committed too.

The key is Expectation and that is the thing that we all want from a relationship right? But do we also realise, that's just what our partner wants too?

Therefore, it is clear that it is a commitment issue that most relationship face, we talk about trust, but we don't even trust ourselves, and yet we scream the word all the time.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Do you know that some relationships fail because of high expectation… Yes, that simply doesn't sound reasonable and seem to me like a task not commitment.

OK,  let's examine some best advice for women and ladies that can use to interaction with your partner much better

Don't harass your Partner  

Pestering your partner or driving your partner up to wall is not a good idea of a better relationship, your partner must feel it is not a task and feel you're forcing him to love you.

It is emotional blackmail and it is a big mistake most women make. Let him chase you! Harassing you partner is emotional abuse and it is not good for a healthy relationship instead let him want you!

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Spend some time with your partner

For many, the work-life balance dilemma is a minor issue. Yet, in the long run, it can become a big problem.

Spending time with your spouse/partner is very important no matter how busy you are, it aids a healthy relationship.

Go for dinner dates, go for musical festivals, go sightseeing and act like kids around each other. Get to do activities and hobbies both of you enjoy together, yes I do understand, you might have different hobbies from your partner but surely you both can work something out together :)

Remember to take care of yourself 

Taking care of yourself mentally and Physically is important when it comes to a healthy relationship, if you are not mentally and physically sound it is going to be hard to enjoy your relationship. In any relationship you need to look your best for your partner and versa vassal, I don't mean wearing make up when you are together or making out lol... but I mean making sure you pay attention to your physical appearance  and keep your mind active,

Don't forgot to get proper sleep.

Don't try to change your bloke and don't ignore the problem

Most women try to change their man but it is a big mistake it might work for a while but in the long run the relationship turn for the worse. Love him for whom he is and if you don't like something about him talk it over together but don't let him think or feel you are disrespecting him or trying to control him it sucks.

Everybody's born with different traits. I'm going to suggest that you don't push your partner into these changes.

Problems are triggered when you decide to ignore the issues or when you are not concerned about them.

Don’t Be Possessive but deserve some respect

Your possessive behaviour may keep your man away from you, so don't have a possessive attitude because many men honestly dislike it, In any relationship there should be trust or else it is not going work. Being possessive simply shows that you don't trust yourself and don't trust the person you with and you are insecure, we all have insecurities one way or the other, but we shouldn't rub it on our partner or others. It is not fair!

Show gratitude and try to express your feelings to your man

Man or woman, we all like gratitude so try to appreciate whatever good things he has done and remember to express in the way you know he will feel will hit his heart.

Cook a special meal or give him a surprised gift, trust me men love surprises too.

Expressing your feelings to your man is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and appreciation.

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What are your expectations and Unrealistic expectations in your relationship? It is time to discuss it with your partner or spouse.

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