What are the things you must give up to be successful in life?

What are the things you must give up to be successful in life? #habits , #2020

Habits or things you're going to be pleased you've given up must just be the solution to that negative vibes or problems around you!

Let's go quickly straight in

  • No time-wasting. There is a saying "time is money" and I totally agree with that, we need to do things that benefit us or will better us. Bring in all lives important pieces. Friends, family, education, religion, and making sure you fit in. Stop wasting your time on people that will not make an impact in your life. True friends should be able to make an impact on each other lives and support each other.

You'll either develop or remain stagnant in your spare time, it is your choice!

  • Don't let other people dictate your life. You can either set your life's path, or somebody else will.  So which do you think is going to work better?

As a result, you can either take responsibility for your life, or somebody else will, it is simply not rocket science.

  • Stop having a negative mindset. Successful people mindset is set to succeed and failure people mindset is set to fail. In the early 80's and 90's there was the "virus" going around that people should predict failure, so they will never be disappointed, never saw the point in that! That is a pure negative mindset.

Negative mind set = failure while positive mindset = success

  • Mediocrity doesn't make you exceptional. If you want to be exceptional, the extraordinary thing you need to do or else you just be like the rest of them, stand out and be unique. Don't worry you are not proud or egoistic, you just don't want to do what everyone is doing because you are logical and got your standards and principles.

You would be like everyone else if you do what everyone else does. Never could I understand people doing common things and yet expect extraordinary things. Dream big and be creative.  If the path Is for all then what is the chance/ probability you can get there first? It is crowded, chaotic, and messy!

  • Negative friends influence your thinking and being. Hang out with the negative losers, and you're going to become one. Hang out with the champions, and you're going to become one. Tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are! Pretty simple and straight forward right? Remember you will become the sum of your closest friends eventually. Always empty your cup,, so so you can refill it again (reset).

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