We humans are obsessed. Ants have no rulers at all.

People are building large companies that are inefficient. Ants are very effective, but they are thousands of times larger than human organisations. People are learning how to plan, work, performance, and productivity. Ants don't worry about it, but they do better than people. Perhaps it's time for us to learn from ants.

Your Concerns/Problems

We spend a great deal of time building leaders. But it's not natural for people to lead. People do their best when they do a natural thing. So, why do we first create leaders? Why can't we rely on what naturally comes to us?

The issue is that leadership create a mental block. If people don't know how to do something, they come up with a poor working system and call it "best practice." Instead, this best practice becomes a norm and it is practised by everyone. However, this standard is based on human intelligence (an oxymoron) limitations. Leadership is one example of this kind of practice.

Your Suggestions/Answers

Do you know that "Ants" can teach us a great deal about leadership? They live in colonies of millions. They don't have leaders or managers, but they do well.

The first thing human beings can do is focus on the natural approach. Many natural tendencies were born to humans, but most tendencies are taught. For a number of reasons, these studied patterns produce variations. Such explanations include information source, method of delivery, learner experience, aspirations and motivation.

Let's talk of ants now. In the right jobs, all ants counts. Ants do not distinguish between good and bad performers. They just put the right ants in the right jobs.

Stronger  ones  become warriors. Kids are taking care by the little ones. Medium-sized ones  are employed. 

Your Useful/Practical effect

People  depend too much on leaders There's nothing like a perfect person. If a leader makes an error, his team might be affected.

We accomplish the following by removing leaders and allowing people to work and lead themselves in teams:

We achieve : Better performance, fewer errors. Increased transparency. Lower staff turnover efficiencies in price (fewer people do the job).

Your Early and first move!

1. Do NOT recommend this concept to the management team. Get it first to work. For the senior  people, this will appear opaque. You will see it clearly as an investment  when  or in  working in a team.

2. Encourage the team to work the "ant way" 

3. Concentrate on working as a team rather than on your job. Create a perfect team.

4. Move out of it slowly. Yes, a leader's job is to get out of the way of his people.

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