Secret to What is love? How to strengthen your Relationship?

We need to understand firstly the real definition of "love" Love is not lust even if the phrase, it was love at first sight"

#love is not something you feel right away. Love includes sexual chemistry, but it varies because it involves emotion over a period of them. Love comes with time and lust appears instantly over a period of time, so you get to know each other's inside and out is love.

So why did I define love?

Love is defined because love is the centre of a strong relationship and a healthy relationship. Love is compromising, getting to know each other and supporting each other dreams, and making the effort to make each other happy.

We can see how love now is the centre of a strong relationship. We need to define our objective before we go into any relationship, are we going into a relationship because we feel lust or love for that person? And do we really have love inside us to offer? These questions are so important in any relationship. Our strengths and weakness must be defined and understood before going into a relationship.

Remember you cannot love someone if you don't love yourself first, you cannot give what you don't have.

How can we strengthen our relationship? As stated earlier love is the centre of strengthening a relationship, but they consist of more important things apart from love, let me take time to explain some of them in detail.

Practicing the word comprise!

The practice of agreeing and appreciating your partner is important and can strengthen your relationship. "Talking to each other is key", communicate by #listening, asking questions, asking for details, and making your partner your soul mate is key.

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Recognizing that all relationship has ups and downs shows how much you care. Remember just don't say you care but back it up with actions, in a relationship you need to be able to be willing to be there for your partner at his or her high and low moments, "Support is key".

The word gratitude and appreciating your partner is important. Expressing gratitude and expressing how you feel to your partner. "Communication is key for strengthening your relationship".

Keep the playfulness alive together

Have fun together, yes do ridiculous things together, and laugh about it even when you see your partner the next day instead of been defensive. Yes, don't be defensive over little things and be able to let go sometimes. Laugh at embarrassing and silly things you do is key.

Always work towards improving your sex life. Sex is an important joyous and healthy relationship, yes talk about what you need to do to make your sex life better because the better and healthier your sex life is the stronger you will be together.

Be romantic as much as you can.

It is important to be romantic in all relationships. Once again, it is something that strengthens your relationship and keeps it alive, always find new ways to strengthen your relationship. Changes should be adapted with time or seasons, keep trying to look good for your partner and find new ideas and suggestion with indoors and outdoors activities.

Staying patient and learning how to forgive is important in a relationship.

Yes, be able to forgive and mean it, and also work on staying patient with your partner. We are not perfect, and we all have issues so recognize your partner's bad and good mood, so you know what and how to talk to him or her at that moment, remember words are powerful it can either change your mood for the worse or better. Always trying to impress your partner shows that you love them, and they are special too.

Always keep the fire burning, okay I know you will ask but how can I do that all-time with the stress and problem in the word, but the word is "staying positive and trying to see the good instead of the bad in any situation no matter what, There is a saying that for every dark moment in your life there is light at the end of the tunnel, only if you have the right attitude to life and think positive.

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The insight of #strengthening your relationship is really about working #together. You are partners, so it means you are in a partnership and that means both of you have to put in the effort to make it work successfully.

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