Where Is The Best work-based Business School in Africa?

London Academy Business School Is First Tertiary institution In Nigeria With In-depth Experience And Learning That Goes Beyond The Classroom

The London Academy Business School (LABS) is a product of a group of well-established professionals from different fields who have come together with goals to add value to education in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Why are we interested in education in Africa? Because we want to bridge the gap between theory and practice education in Africa.

We at London Academy Business working to build relationships with both private and governmental organisatons around the world.

The London Academy Business School(LABS) is an educational and consultancy firm specialising in the design and delivering tailored seminars, conferences, and other educational products to private and public organisations to solve complex problems.

Here Are Academic Support We Offer

  • LABS, is accredited to deliver pre-graduate courses up to postgraduate degrees in management, accountancy, information technology, tourism, law and health, and social care & a level and executive courses.

  • LABS, offers a career hub for the development of skills and a job-ready curriculum for young people, With our fundraising "Sponsor A Child on Entrepreneurship Program" we are able to do much more.

  • We offer Custom Programs and various training programs and interactive webinars helpi