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Looking for advice to help you make progress in your career? We got quick solution and guide you.

Since, we think about "fit" when we talk about jobs. Most generally, fit refers to how well an employee suits an organisation and the position.

Nevertheless, one thing that is sometimes ignored is how a work blends into the life of the worker. Job success is based on both of these factors, and understanding what you are looking for can save your considerable time and energy before you enter the labour market.

Therefore, how are you going to get there? Taking into account factors such as your biggest motivators and mentors, how much you want to work for and how you spend your time outside the office can provide you with important clues as to what kind of position will fit your life.

Evaluate yourself : You have to learn about  yourself before you can choose the right career. When combination with your personality type, your beliefs, preferences, soft skills and abilities make certain occupations completely inappropriate for you and others.

Make a "Short List" and explore the Occupations on Your List accordingly : Now you've got more details, just start narrowing down your list. As a result you should end up on your "short list" of two to five occupations.

Once you have taken a decision, identify your goals, your long- and short-term goals and Let your guide be the research you've done on the education and training you need. If you haven't all the details.

Remember "Long-term goals" typically takes about three to five years to reach, while in six months to three years you can usually achieve a short-term goal.

My advice is you go for the short- time goals before going for long-terms goals, short -time goes includes, applying to college, apprenticeships, internships and other training programs.

Conclusion and a call to action, follow an organised process, and you will increase your decision-making chances.

Remember today is the future of tomorrow

Here’s a guide on learning more about yourself & finding a job that fits your life.

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The 5 Important Piece of Advice For Students Interested In Setting Up A Business Venture.

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