In these time of isolation there are things you can do to keep yourself busy and relevant at home, #Covid-19 has been a challenge to us all and its made it so different to interact face to face with friends, relatives and even make new friends. The question is what are we to do to replace a new world that we are barely used too.

Therefore, Sometimes, we will end up really bored and unproductive but that is when our creative self must come to the picture.

Think and produce

You must actively shape your own destiny and the destiny of the world around you, #create and entertain yourself. You own your environment and no one is responsible for your #happiness expect you.

First thing you need to do is learn how to entertain self. Only when you love yourself can that be #achieved, trust me it is a continuous and conscious battle with your mind but eventually with practice and mastery of positive thoughts and wiliness from within to improve self-worth you will get there.

Here are few things to keep you productive and entertained at home

  • Take a bubble bath

  • Doodle, colour, or draw on some paper

  • Give yourself a manicure or pedicure. 

  • Try out a new face mask or beauty product

  • Try out a new hairstyle or experiment with your hair.

  • Do yoga

  • Use Pinterest or social media

  • Write a poem or write in a journal.

  • Listen to music.

  • Look through old photos and videos

  • Bake some desserts

  • Read a book which is one of favourite

  • Creating a self-loving list

  • make use of your mind, paper, pen

  • Draw/ Stretch things around you

  • Chat with friends and make friends online

  • learn new language or culture

  • Start a new business

I did say earlier that you own your environment I meant everything I said because everything around you is a tool to keep you entertained. For every disappointment there is an opportunity that comes with it. Everything comes with the opposite of its kind, like a coin has two sides so does everything in life. Keep your divination of purpose in thoughts.

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Adventurous Things to do When You Are Bored

  • Experiment with new recipes

  • Start a blog

  • Become an affiliate and find partners

  • Make an effort to learn something new

  • Make a vision board

  • Rearrange your furniture or redecorate your living space

  • Reach out to a friend or relative you haven't heard from or seen through social media

  • Create a website

  • #learn new skills

  • Do #online free courses

  • Make #friends with strangers with caution

  • Write a story or a book

  • Use social media

  • Browse relevant websites and blogs

To be productive you can Sign up for a class online, clean up your emails, update your resume (CV), Organize your closet, start a kitchen garden, clean out your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, clean your backyard, dance in your room, compose a song, clean your room, clean up unwanted things from your phone. Learn to improve your attitude in general and watch educational things on YouTube.

Stay productive and creative, think and produce

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