The truth About Where Does October's Name Come From?

October is here and in the Northern Hemisphere, which often means that the days are flushing with falling leaves, chilly weather, and rising holiday season anticipation.

welcome to October

Our Gregorian calendar's tenth month of October shares a source with Octopus and Octagon- Latin Octo and Greek OKto, meaning "eight".

So, what the 10th month of October become?

Just ten months had the original Roman calendar, and the eight-month was October. The calendar had yet been extended to January and February!

The numerical name stuck like its corresponding month of September, November, and December, even after Julius Caesar extended the calendar year from 19 months to 12 months.

October joined old English, replaced by old French. English vernacular term Winterfylleo

("winter full moon").

What's going on in October?

Kids may be looking forward to October for Halloween, which comes at the end of the month, but beer lovers may be more excited about what's going on at the beginning of the month- Oktoberfest.

This long-standing beer festival has gained popularity all over the world, but the real Oktoberfest is held in Munich, Germany, where since 1810 the festival took ple.

The celebration of Oktoberfest signals the beginning of a new beer brewing season, as cooler temperatures offer maximum months for beer brewing- the colder weather prevents beer from spoiling.

To prepare the barrels for a new brew in the fall. It has long been a tradition to finish off the remaining beer of the year.

The Oktoberfest in Munich now starts at the end of September, and although the seasonal temperature is lower!

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